Ale The Hair Ninja

Name: Alejandro Bonilla aka “Ale the Hair Ninja”
Hometown: Fort Worth, TX
Training: Toni & Guy, Rusk, Sebastian, Wella, Hairdreams, Ogle & Nioxin
Living now: Fort Worth, TX “Funky town”
Best described as: A jack of all trades and a bit of a workaholic
Signature style: Making people look younger
Definition of Fearless: Stepping out of the box and being the first to do something.
#1 styling tip: Use professional products and style your hair in sections
Bold experiences: – Put College on hold to go to cosmetology school in 2000
– Educator at Toni & Guy 2002
– Founded Esoterica Studios Fort Worth in 2003.
- Opened a second salon location in Grapevine, TX in 2006
- Was scouted to be one of the nations few Sebastian Creative Centers 2008
- Was scouted to be on the National Sebastian art team in 2008
- Worked with a variety of celebrities and industry leaders from New York to LA.
- Founded Next Level Stylists .com 20011
Favorite Sebastian product: – ReShaper hairspray is my favorite because it is my glue for my fashion shoots, hair shows and my client’s hair.
Favorite Fashion Designers: Charlotte Ronson and Betsy Johnson
Style icons: Russell Brand and Johnny Depp.
Never leave home without: my infamous business cards
What’s playing on my iPod: Burning Hotels, Girl Talk & Lil Wayne
Favorite travel destination: Scottsdale AZ to relax and hike.
You probably don’t know that: I am a stamp collector
Stalk me at:!/profile.php?id=1255326828
What’s next? Bringing education to those who also strive to always learn more and bet be the best.

Hair Ninja’s Time line

1978 Born \ same year as my 2nd Low rider Monte Carlo (as seen on Training day)
1979 ate, slept, pooped, repeated all day long
1980 walking and talking.
1981 started house fire with my sister with a candle in the bathroom
1982 I ate ants after they crawled into my bologna sandwhich
1983 We moved into our second family house
1984 I played T ball on a coed team. Was the only person that every struck out and ran the wrong way. Started at St. Andrew’s Catholic school.
1985 Met my child hood friend “tha Gore” (Gerald McCallister) we played for weeks before ever even talking or knowing each other’s name
1986 Got my first skate board (Nash)
1987 Started Karate\ thought I was a Ninja Turtle
1988 Started Collecting Stamps \ appeared in my first commercial \ First sign of Vitaligo appeared on my leg.
1989 Did a lot of volunteer work and chores around the house as I would get in trouble a lot (average birth date year of the girls I date)
1990 Started my Lawn Mowing business after extensive practice at home. Got my first business cards printed at Office Depot for $20
1991 I hired first employees for Ale’s Lawn Care as I started to gain too many clients
1992 Used my bicycle to reach clients in other neighborhoods. Did my first haircut at the tender age of 13 on a neighborhood kid. I had a blast and they kept coming back
1993 Had an older friend drive me around in his truck to reach even more clients. Started charging $2 for haircuts
1994 First year in public school. Had all sorts of friends, even the gang related kind. Started charging $5 for haircuts. Regular cast member on Estillo Tejano Dance show (channel 45 cable)
1995 First “real” job at Cici’s pizza where I became the fastest pizza cutter ever.
1996 Bought my first car with my lawn mowing and pizza money. Started installing car audio systems for extra cash. Began to make mobile house calls for haircuts.
1997 Graduated High School and worked a lot. Started charging $15 for haircuts.
1998 Enrolled at TCC (Tarrant County College) and bought my second low rider. Started playing with hair color on clients.
1999 Left grass and pizza to start working at AMC Palace 9 and Sundance 11 downtown Fort Worth. Took photography, cooking, sewing, and art classes while in college.
2000 Sold my low riders to get the money to fund cosmetology school at Ogle. I was one of the first to graduate in my class due to great attendance. Took a road trip to Austin to take my State Board and passed. Then I got my first industry job at Toni & Guy. Executed my first year long apprentice program in the art of Hair cutting. Acquired my most difficult client to date- Patrick Ramos (great guy) He was told that I was a high up ranking stylist but it was really just my first month. I must have done a great job because he is still around. Started charging $32 for haircuts. 50% of my skins pigment was white from Vitaligo.
2001 Built my clientele extremely fast and took on an educator position for all the area Toni & Guys. I enjoyed facilitating others in my field. Started charging $38 for haircuts
2002 Volunteered on the junior art team for Toni & Guy twice a month at the academy in Carrolton TX. Went to every major hair show they had and took every advance class I could. Started charging $45 for haircuts. Bought my first house.
2003 After a tear and a talk with my manager John Smalling (great guy), I decided to pursue the next level of my career. I needed to learn how to color so I could become the one stop shop. Took a job at Christopher Walker Salon where I learned color really fast. Did a working apprenticeship and learned from the best in the industry. Started charging $65 for haircuts. Took my first plane ride ever to the motherland (Mexico vacation)
2004 Founded Esoterica Salon LLC. Finally a place where I could call home and the stylists could have full artistic freedom. Hosted our first of many underground parties we would later become famous for. We were in a quiet neighborhood but while they slept we were having the real life face book. People would come from all around to get their hair cut, listen to our music by our live DJ’s, have a cocktail while hanging out in our internet lounge, and most important ask us what to do for fun. Had our first fashion \hair show partnered with Rock Star Jean shop. Had our first assistants start the year long training to join the team. At this time the assistant program was ruthless. Was featured in Fort Worth Weekly magazine under Last Call about our events.
2005 By this time, we were known as the place to go for a great haircut and we always had a blast doing so. I had my second annual hair show at club Axis where we had over 800 people attend. I learned quickly the power of social media, especially on MySpace. Was featured in FW Weekly Magazine about our hair shows. Trained with L’Oreal educator to become a color specialist.
2006 Opened up my second location in Grapevine TX. Rented out the Ridgley Theater where I had my 3rd annual hair\ fashion show. We had over 950 people in attendance. By this time we were known as the place to go for a cool haircut and great parties. I kept strict education guidelines so we could always back up our young ages and fierce looks. At this time a lot of people would not take me serious but I always managed to put business first. Was featured in FW Weekly magazine about our new salon and events.
2007 Founded Esoterica Studios Inc, (Texas first Salon and lounge) I single handedly opened up a 4000 square foot salon equipped with a full liquor license and late hours permit. After being one of Fort Worth’s great club promoters it was my time to host my own events and make profits. Esoterica became the place to go for a great haircut and party at night on the weekends with EDM (Electronic Dance Music) Was featured in Fort Worth Texas Magazine doing make over’s on young women. Was featured in Panache Magazine with a nice spread about the salon. Started taking MMA with Sensai Rod and quickly learned Brazilian Jujitsu and Muay Tia Kickboxing due to my martial arts background.
2008 Esoterica was scouted to be one of the nations few Sebastian Creative Centers. I was also scouted to be on the National Sebastian Art team to travel the nation facilitating others about Sebastian Professional products. Started charging $85 for haircuts.
2009 Was becoming a seasoned plat form artists and editorial stylist with Sebastian Professional. I had to rebuild my salon with new staff from the ground up as I was learning the school of hard knocks. I stared being invited as a guest artist at over 10 of the major cosmetology schools in Texas. In Style magazine out of NYC came to Esoterica for an exclusive event. MTV’s My Life as Liz shot part of an episode at Esoterica.
2010 I was perfecting my craft as an editorial stylist and quickly becoming recognized in the industry for my work. Joined the Advisory committee for Toni & Guy Academy and served as an expert on many Ogle Cosmetology schools. Sebastian was using me to travel the states hosting media events and help branding the product. 98% of my skin is non pigmented from Vitaligo and 30% of my hair has turned white. (including my eyelashes and facial hair)
2011 Founded Next Level Stylist .com and started recording a video library for the world to see. Starred and co directed TV commercials for Ogle School of hair, skin and nails. CMT shot part of an untitled reality show at Esoterica

Industry Events

Brought in DJ Alex Peace of Chicago booked at Club Axis 2006. 
NYC Fashion week: Charlotte Ronson’s Sep 2008 show including Annabelle Ronson 

NYC What comes around goes around Fashion show including Cory Kennedy. 2009

Long beach, CA ISSE hair show. Shared the Wella Sebastian Studio stage with Vidal Sassoon National Art team, Wella National Art team, and Nick Arrojo. March 2009

LAX, P & G Beauty National Sales meeting presentation for Sebastian’s new Texture line. March 2009 

Hollywood, CA Sebastian National Art team Training & Acting Classes July 2009
Los Angeles, CA Sebastian National Art Team Training
Gallery Jam the reinvention and Kory Kennedy
Substantial Glam and Charlotte Ronson
Remix with Mickey Green
Velvet Vertigo with Rose Mallar
Pharaohs of Form with Pamela Love
Dare Devil Diva with Maja Ivarsson
May 2008, Sep 2008, Jan 2009, March 2009, Jan 2010, July 2010, Jan 2011, July 2011

NYC In Style magazine 15th anniversary event with Mickey Green 2009

NYC Studios Media spot for Industry Magazine editors including Modern Salon November 2010

Exclusive photo shoot with Tom Carson for Harris Magazines March 2011

EMEA event LA Studios hosted stylists and business owners from 3 countries speaker on social media and sales. June 2010

New Orleans National sales meeting speaker on Beauty Junkies 2010

Austin TX National Armstrong McCall speaker on business demands and stylists POV August 2010

Hollywood CA Paramount Studios 25th Anniversary hair show. Performed onstage and did DJ Z trips hair. June 2010

Sassoon Academy Chicago 2011 Advocate training, certified 40 students

Sebastian Look and Learn performances (Hair show and hands on)
Grapevine, TX March 2009
Miami, FL April 2009
Philadelphia, June 2009
Houston, TX May 2009

Exclusive performances: (Education event at salons)
Scottsdale AZ for Gadabout salons April 2009
Houston TX for Beautique Salons April 2009
Fort Worth TX Gallery Jams July 2008, Sep 2008, March 2009 
Sebastian IC certifications Aug 2009
Texas Hair Team Velvet Vertigo March 2010
Fort Worth TX Advocate Training for central region June 2010
Arlington TX Wella National Color Tour July 2010

External Relations
Early work: 
FW Weekly Last Call write ups 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
Fort Worth Magazine make over spread 2007
Source Magazine spread 2008
FW Weekly voted best salon people’s choice 2008
Panache Magazine write up 2008
Esoterica behind the scenes 2008

Indulge Magazine June 2009 (DFW) 
Châtelaine Magazine (Canada) June 2009 
AOL Style list
Black book Magazine contributor 2009
Esoterica behind the scenes 2009

Behind the Chair Magazine contributor 2010
Initiatives Magazine contributor 2010
Ogle Beauty Buzz July 10 Hollywood coverage
Modern Salon .TV
Esoterica behind the scenes 2010
Wella professional & Where Wear in the City:

Wella professional and Karla Sugar June 2010
TV appearance 33TV July 2010,0,757093.story

2010 Finalist on What’s Next Awards .com

Esoterica commercial 2011
Ale interviews Ikey Owes of the Mars Volta and Free Moral Agents 2011
Save More Commercial
Voice Over, hair & art director for Ogle San Antonio commercial
Tom Carson behind the scenes
Current Finalist on What’s Next Awards